Reconstruction Update


The loan at the rate of 2% interest rate is given under the property mortgage and the total sum of upto 25lakhs can be obtained at such interest rate inside the Kathmandu valley and upto 15 lakhs outside the valley

For those people whose economic status is very low the provision of loan with out any deposit if the group of people can give guarantee.

Government Housing Grant

Since you have already verified for the second tranche you can contact the NRA engineer and ask him about it. You can also contact the housing division office of your district and get information about it

You can contact the NRA engineer of your area and ask him to enter your nissa number in his tablet. All the detail information about your house will come after entering your number by the help of which we can see what report had been prepared for your house.

You can pass your building design in your Municipality. Also there is the loan at rate of 2% of upto 25 lakhs inside the valley and 15 lakhs outside the valley. You can process for the loan if you want

You will have to contact the NRA district coordination office of respective district  and then place your problem there.

Households / Communities

Housing Standards

Policies and Programs

  • The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA)
  • Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MoFALD),
  • MOFALD Central Level Programme Implementation Unit (CL-PIU) and District Level Programme Implementation Units (DL-PIUs),
  • The Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD),
  • MOUD Central Level Programme Implementation Unit (CL-PIU) and District Level Programme Implementation Units (DL-PIUs),
  • Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC)

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Yes NRA have Reconstruction Policy . It can be found in nra website in submenu named " Policies" under menu named "Publication" . From Publication section of this website you can get all the documents (Act, Policies, SOP, Guidelines etc ) related to reconstruction. Visit  following link

Yes, GoN provide  grant for retrofitting beneficieries

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