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National Symposium on Nepal's Reconstruction (NSNR-2020)

S.N. Heading Dates File
1 Notice for the Public Participants 2077-05-2 Download
2 Program Schedule 2077-05-2 Download
3 Structural Safety of Masonry Infills in Reinforced Concrete Buildings_ A Case Study of Community Housing Resettlement Project in Dhading 2077-05-4 Download
4 The Planned Development of New Road Area (Naya Sadak), After 1990B.S. Earthquake and Lessons to Post-Earthquake Reconstruction of 2072 B.S. Earthquake 2077-05-4 Download
5 Ranipokhari Reconstruction and Conflict Settlement 2077-05-4 Download
6 Articulating Strategies for Developing Disaster Resilient Settlements from the Experience of the Tadi Rural Municipality of Nuwakot District 2077-05-4 Download
7 Examining Household Registration for Housing Reconstruction Survey and Linking to the Formulation of Municipal Plan 2077-05-4 Download
8 Strengthening the National Capacity for Conservation of National Heritage Monuments and Sites 2077-05-4 Download
9 Unravelling the Constraints in Reconstruction of Core Urban Housing Sector 2077-05-4 Download
10 Reconstruction Assistance in Rural Nepal after the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake through Aarma Parmah Approach 2077-05-4 Download
11 Assessing the Effectiveness of Rescue and Relief Operations Post 2015 Earthquake 2077-05-4 Download
12 Types and Sizes of Structures in Post Gorkha Earthquake Rural Housing Reconstruction 2077-05-4 Download
13 Renovation and Strengthening of Institutional Brick Masonry Buildings_ A Case Study of Pulchowk Campus 2077-05-4 Download
14 Structural Condition Assessment and Retrofitting of Shital Niwas (Presidential Palace) Building 2077-05-4 Download
15 Displaced and Landless Issues in Reconstruction 2077-05-4 Download
16 Structural Condition Assessment and Retrofitting of Shital Niwas (Presidential Palace) Building 2077-05-4 Download
17 Displaced and Landless Issues in Reconstruction 2077-05-4 Download
18 Experience in Livelihoods Promotion in Earthquake Affected Areas 2077-05-4 Download
19 Understanding Household Recoveries from the 2015 Nepal Earthquakes 2077-05-4 Download
20 Multi-hazards, Displacement and Vulnerability 2077-05-4 Download
21 Conditional Cash Transfers and Embedded Extension_ A Mechanism to Restore and Promote Adoption of Improved Goat Shelters in Emergency Recovery 2077-05-4 Download
22 Comparing Seismic Retrofitting Approaches of Traditional Stone Masonry in Mud mortar Buildings in Nepal 2077-05-4 Download
23 Resilience and Differential Vulnerability of Earthquake Displaced Tamangs from Tiru and Gogane Villages of Rasuwa District, Province 3 of Nepal 2077-05-4 Download
24 Effectiveness of a holistic socio-technical and financial support to enable socio-economic vulnerable households to build earthquake resistant houses 2077-05-4 Download
25 Increasing the Livelihood Security of Earthquake Affected Households_ A Case Study of Nepal Earthquake Recovery Programme 2077-05-4 Download
26 A Critical Review on Appropriateness of the Use of Prefab in Construction of Health post in Nepal after Gorkha Earthquake 2077-05-4 Download
27 A Comparative Study of IS 1893_2016 and Draft NBC105_2019 in the context of Seismic Design of the Dharahara, a Historic Monument 2077-05-4 Download
28 Discourse of Post-Earthquake Heritage Reconstruction_ A Case Study of Bhaktapur Municipality 2077-05-4 Download
29 Socioeconomic Consequences of the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake 2077-05-4 Download
30 The Influence of Reconstruction Mandates and Affordability on Nepal_s Post-Earthquake Housing Reconstruction 2077-05-4 Download
31 Issues and Lessons Learned Regarding Private Housing Reconstruction after Gorkha Earthquake 2015 2077-05-4 Download
32 Private Housing Initiatives and its Role in Enhancing Access to Finance_ A Case of Nepal 2077-05-4 Download
33 Life-Cycle Analysis of Incremental Seismic Retrofitting of Traditional Constructions in Nepal 2077-05-4 Download
34 Recapturing Nepal National Library_  A Contemporary Earthquake Resistance Solution to a Traditional Architecture 2077-05-4 Download
35 Retrofitting of Gorkha Earthquake Damaged Residence Building at Purano Bhanjyang-13 2077-05-4 Download
36 Effectiveness of Coping Strategies for Livelihood Support_ Lessons from 2015 Nepal’s Earthquake 2077-05-4 Download
37 An Access to Justice Approach on the Progression of Private Housing Reconstruction of 2015 Earthquake at 12 Hard-hit Districts 2077-05-4 Download
38 Documentation and Preservation of Historical Monuments in Nepal using 3D Laser Scanning Technology - Pancha Deval Temple 2077-05-4 Download
39 Post-Earthquake Reconstruction, Livelihoods and Economic Recovery in the Historical Area of Dolagiri (Changu Narayan) Bhaktapur 2077-05-4 Download
40 Structural Features of the Kasthamandap and its Post-Earthquake Reconstruction 2077-05-4 Download
41 Debris and Waste Management_ Post-Earthquake Reconstruction in Rural Areas of Nepal 2077-05-4 Download
42 Construction Technology of Multi-Tiered Temples and Their Rehabilitation after 2015 April Earthquake in Bhaktapur 2077-05-4 Download
43 A Study of Post Disaster Reconstruction Recovery Framework (PDRF) From the Perspective of Theory of Change Thinking 2077-05-4 Download
44 Traditional Water Retention and Conduit System in the Ponds of Bhaktapur Historic City 2077-05-4 Download
45 Post-Earthquake Reconstruction in Nepal_ Assumption, Action, and Accomplishment 2077-05-4 Download
46 Damage Study of RC Buildings in Kathmandu Valley after Gorkha Earthquake 2015 2077-05-4 Download
47 Socio-Cultural Aspect of Heritage Conservation _ Community Participation in Bhaktapur 2077-05-4 Download
48 Reconstruction Building Typology and Major Non-compliance Issues_ Post-Earthquake Experience from Dhading 2077-05-4 Download
49 Experience of Household Level Financial Management in Rural Housing Reconstruction in Nepal 2077-05-4 Download
50 Analysis on Effectiveness of Communication Mechanism and Activities_ A Study on Post-Earthquake Reconstruction in Nepal 2077-05-4 Download
51 Community based Participatory Approach in Cultural Heritage Reconstruction_ A Case Study of Kasthamandap 2077-05-4 Download
52 Historic Towns in Transition - Documentation and Restoration of the Earthen Palaces in Upper Mustang 2077-05-4 Download
53 Community Led Post-Earthquake Heritage Reconstruction in Patan – Issues and Lessons Learned 2077-05-4 Download
54 Safer Homes for The Vulnerable_ Key Gaps and Challenges 2077-05-4 Download
55 The Poetics and Practices of Newar Urbanism_ The Challenges of Balancing Heritage Preservation with Resident Empowerment in Post-Earthquake Urban Nepal 2077-05-4 Download
56 Effects of Horizontal Seismic Band on Seismic Response in Masonry Structure_ Behaviour Depending upon the Material Used 2077-05-4 Download
57 House, Household and Home_ Revisiting Social Science and Policy Frameworks through Post-Earthquake Reconstruction Experiences in Nepal 2077-05-4 Download
58 How Lifeline Radio Programming Supported Earthquake Affected Communities to Build Back Better 2077-05-4 Download
59 Earthquake Damage Prediction of Buildings in Nepal using Machine Learning Tools 2077-05-4 Download
60 Impact of Government Tranche Deadline in Housing Reconstruction_ A Case Study of Nepal 2077-05-4 Download
61 Analysis of Owner Driven Approach of Housing Reconstruction after Gorkha Earthquake 2015_ A Case Study of Dhunibeshi Municipality, Dhading 2077-05-4 Download
62 The 2015 Nepal Earthquake and its Psychosocial Impact on Nepalis in the United States 2077-05-4 Download
63 Post Disaster Availability, Consumption and Balance of Food and Needed Agriculture Strategy for the Livelihood Recovery and Economic Resilience in Gorkha, Nepal 2077-05-4 Download
64 Impact of Gorkha Earthquake on the Historic Settlement Sankhu and its Potential Implications on Reconstruction 2077-05-4 Download
65 Urban Regeneration of Dwalkha_ Purpose and Issues 2077-05-4 Download
66 Inclusion of the Poor and Vulnerable_ Learning from Post Earthquake Housing Reconstruction in Nepal 2077-05-4 Download